Course 6


The Seven L's of Leadership

To be an effective leader, you must master the ability to laugh at yourself despite adversity. Peppered with personal life stories, Jenny will guide you through a self-assessment of your leadership skills and bring you back to a place of re-commitment.

Program Objectives:
• LOOK: Break away from the dullness of AUTO-PILOT living. Learn how to focus on the present and re-energize your hopes, dreams and desires.

• LISTEN: Become an engaged listener. Hear other people’s desires, hopes and dreams.

• LEARN: Revisit the joy of doing new things, taking challenges, accomplishing those things long set aside.

• LAUGH: Having humor in your life is your single greatest asset. The ability to laugh, particularly at yourself, will keep you young, happy and healthy.

• LEAN: Re-evaluate the importance of delegation. It is far more effective to work as a team than to be an individual hero.

• LET-GO: The best way to let go of a negative situation is to quit visiting it over and over again. It is not only unproductive; it also robs you of your present moment, joy and energy.

• LOVE: As the song’s what the world needs now! We will close this session with words of encouragement and hope they will ignite you to start anew on your own personal mission.