Course 2


Dealing with DIFFICULT People

Ever encountered someone who frustrates you so much that you want to pull your hair, jump around and scream out loud? You’re not alone.

The difficult person is usually working from the negative side of their personality, rather than a conscious desire to be difficult. The person is often unaware of how they affect others. They also don’t realize how harmful their actions are to their own success.

In the business world, we must constantly work with others who challenge our ability to get things done. There is great value to be gained when we take time to understand another’s viewpoint. By changing our attitude toward them and changing our viewpoint about what makes them “wrong,” we can  find a wealth of knowledge to improve our own ability to work with people.

1. You’ll understand the difficult people in your life.
Learn how they think, what they fear and why they do what they do. Understanding difficult people makes dealing with them less frustrating.

2. You’ll know specifically what to do and say.
At this seminar, you’ll concentrate on “here’s-how-you-do-it” techniques. You’ll leave knowing how to use these techniques in specific situations, with all types of difficult people.

3. You’ll be less of a target for difficult people.
Look at the difficult people in your life. Chances are, at least one person manages to get along with them. You can, too. Learn how to derail problem people and teach them to treat you with respect.

4. You’ll bring out the best in people.
Let’s face it – nobody’s difficult all of the time (and everybody’s difficult some of the time). Your new skills will help you reinforce the most positive behavior in everyone – at work and at home.