Course 4


I Can't Say NO!

Assertiveness: What is it, and how can I have it?
You know who they are: those people who can ask for what they need and want without feeling guilty or being rude. You might wish you could do that but continually fall into the pit of saying “Yes” when you need to say “No.” Those skills come from being assertive. It allows us to create boundaries and to feel respected, creating a win-win situation. This program teaches the skills and practical techniques for achieving your true potential as a team leader who earns workers’ trust and respect.

Participants will:
• Learn the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior
• Discover how to become “manipulation proof”
• Develop a proven technique to keep a level head when confronted by a bully
• Become comfortable with assertive language
• Learn how to keep your dignity and composure every time you communicate