Course 1


Discovering the Power of Connections

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt a positive connection? Ever met someone and felt tension and uncertainty even though you did not know why?

DISCovering the POWER of CONNECTIONS helps participants identify and understand their behavior patterns as well as patterns in other people, so they can communicate more effectively. It prepares them to apply the DISC Personal Profile System, using the D (Dominance), I (Influence), S (Steadiness) and C (Conscientiousness) model. Participants determine their preferred pattern; learn the inherent strengths of that preference and learn how their preference differs from others. Ideal for project teams and individuals alike, this program is designed to help people work   together more effectively by improving their communication skills.

Participants will:
• Become more “people smart”
• Increase trust, cooperation and teamwork
• Build instant rapport with colleagues and family members
• Get along with people better than ever
• Start connecting with people easier and faster
• Learn new and powerful communication skills to use when interacting with co-workers
• Learn the four basic behavior types and how to deal effectively with each one
• Find how to easily determine the personality style of everyone you meet in a few short minutes
• Improve compatibility with anyone and everyone
• Genuinely know and understand what makes people tick
• Understand why we act the way we do
• Improve productivity and clear the way for career advancement